People Really Matter

15th - 16th May

New Venue! New Date!

Friday 15th & Saturday 16th May 2020

The Corn Exchange Cambridge

I'm telling you now.
You can be a creator, a lawyer, a doctor, a homemaker.
You can a teacher, a preacher, an athlete, a scientist, a speaker,
You can grow things or learn things or read things or write things.
You drive places, walk places, swim places, hate open spaces.
You can be wild and free, you can be calm and discreet you can be as mad as a hatter.
But you matter.
People really matter.

You can learn to be bold to be courageous and strong.
You can sing you can dance, you can walk arm in arm.
You can love to be in the midst of a crowd.
You sit in silence, finding the clock ticking loud.
You can be in this country or that one or that one.
You can be someone unknown or someone of stature.
But you matter.
People really matter.

The breath in your lungs is from the same place as mine,
We cannot be compared we are not less than each other.
We are the same but we are different, fantastic in equal measure.
The intricacy of who you were created to be is an absolute work of art.
This moment, this breath, this image is just the start.

Whatever you're doing, whoever you are,
Know that you matter.
That people really matter.